Sunday, January 20, 2008

Buy Sustainability, Get A Free T-Shirt!

DJ and I met the old man on campus Friday for lunch. The old man and I wanted to go to the Arredondo Room where they have a couple of entrees to choose from and a salad bar for a nice, tidy little price, but DJ demanded Chik-fil-a. So, while the old man and DJ waited on that line at the little food court at the HUB, I went to Quiznos for a tuna sub. While waiting to place my order, I noticed they were selling refillable cups through Gator Food Service and UF's Office of Sustainability. For $1.99 you get a cup with the beverage of your choice, and then future beverage refills are $1.09. The thing that made me purchase it (besides rationalizing to myself that I would give it to the old man so he could drink fountain soft drinks instead of buying plastic bottles from the snack shack by his office), was the fact that for the price of the cup and beverage, they also threw in a free Gator t-shirt.

Now, I'm not a big Gator fan and there is an annoying Pepsi logo on the back, but c'mon! A free t-shirt!

And, the best thing about this cup? The straw also doubles as a whistle! DJ discovered this oddity as we walked back to the old man's office. It plays a lovely, melodious, flute-like sound and can be played blowing air in or out. It was a big hit at the play date we attended after lunch.
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