Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Back from Disney

Hello, just got back from the house of mouse. Had a splendid time, regardless of the fact that we were either getting over something or just on the threshold of being ill with yet another affliction. For instance, I am now enjoying the lovely stomach bug that was the old man's privilege to host for about 2 days. It started for me this morning and I am now quarantined until it blows over -- which bites because we have family in town and I've been anxious to catch up!

Oh well. Anyway, we did the Disney trip, even in the throes of ill health and exhaustion, the latter brought on by leaving the house at dark 0'clock and, for once, finding ourselves twiddling our thumbs a bit once we got on Disney soil. There are pluses and minuses to leaving in a frenzy at 5:30am; the pluses are you get to ride a bunch of stuff before the real throngs arrive, and by the time you're ready for a break is just about the time the party at the MK really gets swinging; the minuses, of course, include being so exhausted by 9 pm that you're seeing hidden mickeys when you close your eyes.

People warned us that New Year's Day at the MK would be crazy busy but, really, when isn't Disney busy? Here's a tip: They seem to give a lot of good tips and information at Carousel of Progress (one of my favorite attractions, by the way, next to Hall of Presidents), before the attraction begins. For instance, we learned that NYD would see 20k less people, actually, than the last 5 days. Also, we learned that we could use Fast Passes after the time period they were good for, all the way up to midnight. And, to top it all off, it was supposed to get into the 30's that night (and it got a lot colder, believe me) so the crowds would definitely thin out after the fireworks. Carousel of Progress is a very informative attraction especially when, during the 40's-era segment, what's-his-name said probably my favorite line of all time, something to the effect that, "in the future, people will learn Greek and Latin by watching television!" And, they will also find out if they're smarter than a 5th grader.

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