Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hall of Presidents

NOTE: This was recorded earlier and I am printing it here now even though it really doesn't relate to environmental living.

Hall of Presidents is probably one of my favorite Disney attractions, next to Haunted Mansion and Carousel of Progress. See, there is "reality" and "Disney Reality™" and my money's on the latter when it comes to our system and execution of government.

So, whenever I'm feeling a little down about how things are going in our country, I like to go to Hall of Presidents and dwell in an America I can cotton to, one where an animatronic Abe Lincoln reassures us that the system works.

The movie intro is amazing but the roll call of the presidents is what gets me. This year we had a particular mission: The old man has been sporting a "Lemmie," just because he threatened to grow some crazy facial hair configuration for the break. After dissauding him from shaving only one side of his face for two weeks (and/or cultivating a neck beard [eww.]) the old man finally decided on a "Lemmie," so named after the facial stylings of Motorhead's frontman. The Lemmie has grown prodigiously in the last 2 wks and it seems a shame he should shave it when work again resumes.

The point I was going to make is that there is only one U.S. president who sports the same facial hair, Chester A. Arthur, so we silently cheered and made Heavy Metal hands when his name was called. We did not make a spectacle of ourselves, unlike the five people in back who clapped and cheered audibly for our current president.

By the end of the show I looked over and saw that DJ had fallen asleep. What? My own son, the one who wrote on his list of things he was thankful for on Thanksgiving, "Thomas Jefferson?" No son of mine would fall asleep during HOP! No really, he was pretty exhausted and, frankly, so were we. We had also missed the fireworks, but HOP was so worth it.
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