Thursday, March 27, 2008

Where I make an ass of myself at Krishna Lunch

So, I went ahead and got the 30-dollar Krishna Lunch card and used it once. Then, I realized that it only had 10 lunches on it, instead of 11 (as I reported in my first post on Krishna Lunch). So, I went on the Krishna Lunch line today ready to give them high holy hell about this. "Hey, uh," I started out when I handed my card to the nice Krishna lady. "I see there are only 10 lunches on this card -- didn't there used to be eleven?" I was ready to say, "Well, why bother getting the 30-dollar card when you get more of a break with the 20-dollar card? I was politely and patiently informed by the nice Krishna lady that, since their lunches have gone up a whole dollar -- to 4-dollars a lunch -- that the card still gives you a free lunch. And, because you get the extra quarter for bringing your own lunch gear, you almost get a free 11th lunch. Oops. I made quick apologies, got my food and got the heck out of there. Oh geez, there's a Krishna Hell for people who impune their sense of propriety, I know it...
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