Saturday, November 20, 2010

Lieberman-Warner Climate Bill and Senator Bill Nelson

I was just thinking about this video that I found awhile back; I originally used it for a 2009 post on DailyKos where I basically call Senator Bill Nelson a hippie.   The video is Senator Nelson's plea to pass the Lieberman-Warner Climate bill, which had come to the floor of the senate for debate in 2008.  I decided to show this video to my students last Thursday; our focus this semester has been on science and technology and thought this would be of interest because we've had some discussions about global climate change and a couple of the students are in aerospace engineering so I thought they'd appreciate that Senator Nelson is a former astronaut.  None of them knew who Senator Nelson was, so I think it was also a good thing to introduce them to one of their senators from the great state of Florida.  At one point in the video Senator Nelson shows a map of Florida and how south Florida will be completely submerged because of rising sea levels; I asked my students how many lived in south Florida and about half of them raised their hands.  I think it had an impact, especially when he gets to the part towards the end where he talks about his experience seeing the earth from a space shuttle and the changes to the earth that can be seen from this perspective from climate change.   
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