Saturday, November 13, 2010

Black Friday, it gets earlier and earlier

I don't think I did a Black Friday post last year; graduate school has been a blog's worst friend.  Anyway, I've been doing a lot of stuff like more successful kombucha culturing but I'll have to get to that in another post. 

Ah yes, Black Friday - I did my first post on Black Friday in 2007, and I think this is a topic that needs to be discussed in terms of our consumer habits as Americans and how awful this day is.  While there is a vicarious thrill at watching the unrepentant consumerism during this time of year, I do dread the news reports on Black Friday.  Looking around on the internet, there is so far one news item about Black Friday from Bakersfield Now, mostly to tell readers that some stores will actually be opening up an hour earlier!  So Targets across the country are opening up at 4am, instead of 5am, which still seems insane. 

What we need to continue to point out is that, especially with our economy in a shambles and jobless numbers continuing to skyrocket, for stores to continue this practice every year is cynical and ruthless.  This is not to say that Americans immediately fall into lock-step when it comes to "holidays" designed to make us spend more, but the temptation to consume is ever-present in our society.  Let's face it, we're broke and we've got to scale back our spending, especially right now.

I don't advocate Buy Nothing Day, even though it is a laudable goal - I find it too hard to adhere to when it comes to groceries and little odds and ends that I regularly forget to buy the night before.  My only participation in Black Friday sales is to screech yearly about how awful it is. 

I will be doing more screeching two Fridays from now, so join me with your Black Friday first person tales or news reports from your part of the world.  Use the comment thread or email me at

Got the Black Friday poster from Twenty-Four Frames blog.
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