Saturday, February 28, 2009

Butt-hurt in the toilet paper discussion on DKos

I'm really glad Meteor Blades on DailyKos has been doing Green Diary Rescues. I subscribe to the Google Group for DailyKos Environmentalists -- It seems these worthy diaries would otherwise get buried in the abyss of the main focus of the site if it weren't for the Google Group. Maybe the green diaries need to be on a similar site to DKos, like KagroX has done by migrating to CongressMatters.

Anyway, I'm thankful to MB for the effort, and wanted to highlight two diaries that were highlighted in yesterday's rescue:

Don't Wipe Your Butt On My Forest...Thank You, by Detroit Mark is short on facts but long on anectdotal evidence -- I liked this diary because he talks about bidets, something I've goggled at once or twice but have absolutely no idea how to use. He talks about how to use them! Fascinating.

Wipe Your Tush And Save Trees At The Same Time, by BasharH is a lot more fact-y and goes over why using virgin paper products like Kleenex are so bad -- you destroy old growth forests in the process. Included is a link to a GreenPeace action letter you can send to Kimberly-Clark, entitled "Kimberly-Clark, Don't Blow Ancient Forests on Kleenex."

Here's a link to GreenPeace's Kleercut blog and action center which gives a lot of information (I also have a Kleercut link in the sidebar, as well, if you scroll down).
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