Saturday, March 07, 2009

Cooking for Good and Foody Sites and Blogs: Kind of a Blog Roundup

Here is a cool website I found while looking at the Green Diary Rescue this morning on DailyKos, called Cooking for Good. The author of the website purports to have a cooking plan that will allow families to eat for cheap and eat for the good of the planet. Here is the DailyKos diary, which gives some background on the plan.

Like a lot of sites and organizations that give alternatives to convenience cooking, they all look towards the books of Michael Pollan, author of The Omnivore's Dilemma and, more recently, Good Calories, Bad Calories, for inspiration.

Slow Food International is the premier organization that asks people to take more time to cook and reintroduces the notion of food as the fundamental ritual that holds societies together.

The Ethicurean "Chew the Right Thing" is a great blog that considers all of the implications in eating locally and within ethical standards. Hat tip to Stace for sending that link my way!

More locally, Hogtown Homegrown is once again taking registrations for its 2009 Eat Local Challenge. For the month of May, local yokels race around eating everything as locally as they can, either from their own efforts or from the efforts of the local restaurants. DG did it last year and got a cool prize and an awesome tote bag. Hogtown Homegrown is just an awesome site all-around, where you can find lots of great recipes for all your farmers market fare.

Nom, nom, nom! is just getting started in the blogosphere but has a lot of great tips on not only eating locally, but also on just making the basic building blocks of all culinary yumminess, like tomato sauce.

Got a good green foody site I may have missed (and I'm sure I've missed many). Please post them in the comments!
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