Saturday, March 07, 2009

Dawn dish detergent

"As my hand reached for the small bottle of unnaturally blue dish liquid, I had already made a deal with my self; I would only use the Dawn dish liquid for grease stains on clothing and the occasional, very greasy dish."

That's me, describing my experience in the Publix last night, buying my first bottle of Dawn detergent in over 6 months (kinda "meta," huh?). Our family of dishwashers have been using Seventh Generation dish liquid, but frankly, it is just not the same. When you come up with an exceptionally greasy piece of cookware, it's impossible to get it clean with the green stuff. Okay, maybe I'm not trying hard enough, but I'm lazy!

Also, for grease stains on clothes, there is nothing like Dawn to get them out. Grease stains will even come out of clothes that have already been through the dryer. I'm sorry, but the greenest of dish liquids just cannot compete with that track record.

Here are some other uses for Dawn that I discovered on Associated Content:
Dawn Dishwashing Detergent: It's Not Just for Dishes Anymore!
Many products have uses consumers have discovered other than their intended purposes. Dawn dishwasing detergent if well known for having many uses other than washing dishes. Read this article for 10 alternative uses for Dawn dishwashing detergent.

Why didn't I try Charlie's Soap? you might ask, and that's a good question. I have made forays into Charlie's soap's almost magical properties (and check out the comments for NomX3's incredible story about her grandmother's pillow cases). I will have to try that the next time I have a grease stain and oh, there will be a next time. You see, the upper half of my body forms a shelf and drip pan of sorts for all sorts of food items that slip from my gaping maw. So, yes, there will be an opportunity to try Charlie's Soap on a clothing grease stain very soon.

Got the pic from Seventh Generation's website
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