Friday, February 27, 2009

Blog Round-up for February: Hogtown Edition

I haven't been trolling my favorite blogs lately, so thought I'd do a quick run-through of my peeps here in Title Town:

Nom, nom, nom!: NomX3 skoffs at the misgivings of those who would choose not use oxtails in their root-crop soups, in "Rootcrops part whateveritis, OXTAILS!" and speaks lovingly and foody-ingly about the wonders of beets and borscht. She puts another Obama reference in there, and tries to pass it off as the first off-topic reference, haha. She also needs to get on the stick and start blogging some new blogness or she's going to end up on my "in memoriam" list of blogs I've loved and lost.

Gee-ville Deals: If you live in town, Bren is the woman you want to know, not only because she is super-dooper good people, but because she knows how to food shop, y'all.

yecats gniwe: Stace refuses to be one of these old fogies who complains about their favorite songs being turned into covers, and lists for us (using one of those fancy-nancy techie tools on the interwebs) all the covers of one of her favorite songs, The Cure's "Just Like Heaven."

What We Need Is Here: This is a great blog and I truly apologize for not giving it the attention it deserves! Friend of the Need-a-Bag? Project, Kelli writes thoughtfully and soulfully on all things environmental and local, and takes on the truly interesting topic of graywater in, "Down the Toilet."
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