Sunday, October 05, 2008

Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen Bike Mechanic Tourism Campaign

I had a lovely comment from Zakkaliciousness (this word is as much fun to type as it is to say out loud!) of Copenhagenize who reminded me that, as I implore all the bike mechanics from Hogtown to move to Copenhagen, I'm potentially inflicting this lovely, historic city with snotty, arrogant young men. Well, rest assured, Zakkaliciousness, it was never my intention to suggest that. Really, I think once a lot of these guys crossed the border to Denmark they would straighten up immediately, especially when people started warbling at them in Danish. They would get all wobbly-kneed like Americans get when talking to people with a British accent. I suspect it would be much the same in Copenhagen. Also, I would encourage every one of them to watch this:

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