Saturday, October 04, 2008

Calling all Hogtown Bike Mechanics, Move to Copenhagen

Will somebody please tell me what's up with the bike mechanics in this town?! Please? I've had yet another annoying encounter with one at the least-annoying of the bike shops here. I think it has to do with being ridiculously young, male, and being really, really into bikes. There's a certain culture that I just don't understand and maybe this is my first "senior moment" that I've been warned about. No, wait, that's when you forget that your glasses are on top of your head and stuff. Never mind.

So, it's just me, right? There's just something I find grating in this type of urban professional and I'm the only one, right? My friend, Hil, never has these problems. But she's different because her dad used to build bicycles in Indiana, Breaking Away Land. So all the mechanics think she's cool. Pah.

So, anyway, all the snotty, arrogant bike mechanics in town should all move to Copenhagen, since there's apparently a dearth of them in that town.

Update: I've chilled out about bike mechanics after an evening's contemplation. I like to rant first and think later, because that's just how I roll. Also, I had the opportunity to talk with bicycle guru, Frog, who compared the bike culture in Hogtown to the record store culture in Hogtown. It was like religious epiphany (much like many of my conversations with Frog) and it suddenly all crystallized for me! The same hipper-than-thou mentality is at work. Thank goodness it's just that and something I'm not grasping about popular culture. Whew.

Got the cool poster pic from Copenhagenize [the planet]: Life in the World's Cycling Capital
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