Friday, October 06, 2006

Ridealong Saga II: Electric Boogaloo

I took those cheap-ass training wheels off and took them back to Target -- oh, yes I did! And my wool-obsessed friend laughed at me the whole way because I confessed that I bought the things in the first place--seeing that they were cheap-looking wheels--because I figured, well, Target's buyer must know what he or she is doing, so... Ugh. I'm such a sheep.

Anyway, then I did my homework and found out that Bell makes a sturdy-looking training wheel (Bell E-Z Training Wheels) that has coils instead of the flat pieces of steel construction that we're used to. Man, I can already tell those things are going to be SOLID. Yay!

The old man had to help me assemble them because the c-ring that holds the wheel in place was a beyotch to put on. I managed to get both wheels on the ridealong before the skeeters got too numerous and we all fled to the inside with Percy, the school rabbit what we are watching for the long weekend.
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