Thursday, October 05, 2006

More About Compact

I've been lurking on their newsgroup for about a week now -- these are my peeps, man! I don't know how many identify themselves as part of the year-long compact to not buy anything new (See the original post), but they think and talk about the same crap that I do! Amazing! It's exciting to read 5 pages of musings on cloth diapers, really! I kid you not. If you want in on the lurking (okay, I might post something eventually-- when I'm not blogging, of course!) go to their Yahoo group and apply. I had to do it, and I had to give them a brief description of why I wanted to be part of their Yahoo e-group. I told them I wanted to blog about their asses, but there was a day or two (I honestly had a wait a few days) where I thought I wasn't gonna get to play no reindeer games up in that mess. Go check it out, it's worth connecting with some other people who are just trying to do their part for the cause without blowing a lot of bread and mental mush.
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