Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Aerogarden

This thing is blowin' my mind and for so, so many reasons. I saw this infomercial this morning -- now, mind you, I hate (let me make that clearer--hate) infomercials with a white-hot passion and think they are the scourge of broadcast television (I don't have cable and don't know what kind of stuff besides QVC is on the cable networks). But, as I was on my way to PBS Kids I ran across this infomercial about the Aerogarden, a totally desk-top hydroponics system, using technology developed at NASA. NASA! Using the Aerogarden, you can grow herbs, lettuce, and tomatoes. I couldn't believe it. It's about $150 bucks but I really have no intention of buying one, anyway. I'm just absolutely enchanted with the possibilities of this thing. Okay, all you 4:20-meisters, I know what you're thinking! And believe me, if I were someone who did any illegal substances I would be eyeing it in that way. This is something that's going to be popular with people who live in apartments and don' t have access to a community garden.
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