Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hi! I'm Blogging! I'm a Blogger! Wheeee, Blog, Blog, Blog, Blog, Blog! (http://www.dontknockmysmock.com/) Bloggity Blog Blog!

Welcome one and all to... a Blog! From the desk of... a Blogger!

Today and perhaps forevermore, I, a Blogger, shall be Blogging about:

How You Can Stay out of the Grocery Store (and the Drug Store)

My first Blog that I am Blogging will be Blogged:

The First Day of Your All New Life not Spent in the Grocery Store
First off, why would you not want to spend any time in the grocery store ever? Well, because it sucks at the grocery store.

Secondly, why all the white space, random caps and annoying enthusiasm in my Blog? It's because I'm a new Blogger. New to the Blog lifeway. I may calm down with this stuff presently: we'll just have to see what kind of Blogger of Blogs I turn out to Blog. I know one thing though: Don't dog my Blog or I'll flog your clog. (Please refer to the above hyperlink.)

Thirdly, now that I'm well underway with my new Blog, I'll begin with a tip for how to stay out of the grocery store. But except I don't want to call it a "tip." This is a Blog, so advisory nuggets herein should be called Blips.

Blip One:
Luckily, there are other places to buy food besides the grocery store. These include: farmers' markets. Roadside vegetable stands. Farms. People you know at work who raise backyard flocks and will bring eggs to you at the office. Weird, off-the-grid outlets like the Friday meat sale at the meat lab at the local land grant university. The new bakery that opened up right in the neighborhood thank God finally.

Others? Surely you can think of something. Can't? At a loss? Go here: http://www.nal.usda.gov/afsic/csa/.

Bye! Blog a little Blog of me!

PS: Okay, technically I didn't "start" this Blog so every time I Blogged "my Blog" or "my new Blog" up there it was "inaccurate," or "totally obnoxious" or whatever the tech-y terminology is. What. Everrr! New to the lifeway! GOOJF!

PPS: The new HABA produits sont wondrous fair. Also, this Blogger would like to take the opportunity right now to give a big shout out for the produits de the sewing machine of a certain talented seamstress. Basically I'm saying that if a certain somebody has made a dark promise to use up all her previously purchased fabric before taking another trip to Joanne's, I know a certain somebody else who happens to be a real fan of fabric and who can always use a thing or two made out of, say for instance... fabric. Quelle coincidence jolie!
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