Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sierra Club's Cool Schools 2011: How'd University of Florida do???

Hey, Sierra Club Magazine's doing their annual Cool Schools, a list of the top ten and "best of the rest" who are on the cutting edge of energy conservation and environmental protection.  I reported on this in 2008, because Gainesville's own University of Florida made #7 which is pretty impressive!  Reported on it again in 2009 where UF had dropped to #15 - not great, but not bad still being in the top 20 Cool Schools, right?

Well, Sierra Club's Cool Schools kind of dropped off my radar last year, as most things often do when I get bored with them, but how did UF stack up in 2010?  Number 84! WOOT!  How did they stack up this year?!  Don't know!  They apparently didn't even return the questionnaire, so the 118 schools who did were ranked accordingly (162 schools apparently replied to the 2010 questionnaire). 

Now, as close compadres know, I am a true orange-and-blue patriot of the Gator Nation, but not even making an attempt at a showing for the Sierra Club's annual Cool Schools Survey when UF has a very active Office of Sustainability is kind of ridiculous, even if the numbers are skewed because of number of schools who submit their surveys each year.  I fully intend on writing a stern note to director Anna Prizzia of said office and see what she says.
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