Monday, August 08, 2011

Earth Smart cups at Super 8

This is from the Super 8 in St. Augustine - they've apparently started using EarthSmart cups for their coffee cups in the rooms.  The cups say "Do Not Microwave," and the only indication that they have anything environmentally-related is the recycle triangle of goodness and light.  I did find a Wyndham Hotels blog, "B1 with Wyndham Green," that details their sustainability efforts:

Take our Wyndham Hotels and Resorts brand. From the front desk staff's "green" two-piece suits - made from 25 two-litre plastic bottles - to its biodegradable laundry bags, the brand is leading the charge in using recyclable material in innovative ways. Additionally, most of Wyndham Hotel Group's brands, including Super 8, Ramada and Howard Johnson, have implemented a linen re-use program, such as Earth Smart, and are installing energy-efficient lights in their guest rooms. These initiatives save water and energy, and they cut operational costs for hotel owners.

Man, those recycled uniforms must be hotter than Hades in the summer.  Anyway, Earth Smart is a linen re-use program.  I'm a little suspect about the cups because "green" cups (like those made of recycled paper or cornstarch or bamboo, or whatever) usually have this feature prominently displayed on the outside of the cup, right?  This doesn't bother me, just thought I'd comment on it briefly.
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