Tuesday, August 09, 2011

First Look: Big Belly Solar Compactor (whatever that is)

 Took pictures of this new, strange contraption across the street from campus, near the corner of 15th Street and University Avenue.  Waste Management owns the thing, it looks like a garbage can but it says, "solar compactor."  Does this mean it Harnesses the Power of the Sun™ to tamp down garbage thrown into it, eventually spitting out a small, super-compressed cube of burrito wrappers and day-old french fries?  Is this Wal-E writ large?  So many questions; will have to investigate further.
 Oh wait, that's exactly (well, almost exactly) what it does!  Look at this video from bigbellysolar.com that talks about this fabulous new tool to leave garbage festering in cans for 5 times longer!  But it does it with solar power!

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