Monday, January 19, 2009

The Jareds

Some peoples have the "Oscars," and we at the Need-a-Bag? Project have the "Jareds." Named after the intrepid 441 Farmers Market manager, we gave out 4 Jareds to the wonderful folks who make the Need-a-Bag? Project a reality every week at our first annual Need-a-Bag? Project Banquet/Pizza party. We all met up at the Original Pizza Palace on Saturday night and had a great evening chatting and eating some of the awesome fare. DG made the awards from reclaimed statues she found at the Waldo Flea Market -- you'll notice the stylin' tote bag and the farmers market watermelon safely tucked under one arm. It kind of looks like a typical Saturday morning farmer's market shopper, trying to breach the crowds to make that touchdown at the rutabaga stand. One of the best things (besides everyone showing up and having a good time) was that Jean and Stace both came with more tote bag donations! That's Need-a-Bag? Project spirit for you! Thanks to everyone who has continued to make the Need-a-Bag? Project a worthwhile venture!

Photo by Need-a-Bag? Project Associate, Stace.
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