Saturday, September 15, 2007

Project: DIY BioDiesel!

Ohmygosh. I can't stand it. I was going to stop blogging after the last post because I really have to get some class reading done but I stopped by this Blogspot site on my way out and became entranced.

Named simply Biodiesel, the blog starts off with the top 10 reasons why you should make your own biodiesel. Then it takes you to a list of articles by the author of the blog, a Mr. Then, where, among other things, you can learn the best games to play at a child's birthday party. I found the link to the article on making your own bathtub biodiesel (not the real name but it should be) and it sounds even scarier to make than cold-process soap. Anti-freeze? Lye? Yow!

Who is this mysterious Mr. Then, who simultaneously unlocks the secrets to party games and homemade biodiesel? Perhaps the world is not ready to know the answer.

Swiped photo from Biodiesel blogspot blog. Thank you, Mr. Then.
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