Thursday, August 30, 2007

More About Bagels and Packaging

I'm getting close to deciding my favorite place to get a bagel in the morning. Yesterday I went to Einstein Bros., a franchise bagel place on campus, for my second bagel of the day (I know I'm going to have to stop that but I love bagels SO MUCH). I like EB because when you order a bagel you get it in a small wax paper baggie regardless of whether you are dining in or out, already cream cheesed, and you can also serve your own coffee and they give you a mug (or refill) discount for bringing your own cup. I like to mix all of the coffees they have into one big ol' caffeinated suicide-type beverage. The one drawback to EB's is that you have to buy a rather expensive small jug of soy milk from them in order to enjoy it in your coffee, so I just use skim.

This morning I went to Java Hut, another little franchise-y outlet for coffee and bagels in the food court of the Reitz Union. I was shocked and dismayed to learn that, after getting edged out of their nice little primo spot by Starbucks, they got rid of their awesome cream cheese bar! This was so cool because you got your bagel in a little wax paper baggie and then you could use the bagel slicer, toast your bagel, and spread cream cheese from a wide variety of spreads on your bagel without having to use any plastic or otherwise disposable utensils. I could still serve my own coffee and they did give me a mug discount and didn't even charge me for soy milk when I asked for it.
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