Monday, August 27, 2007

Autumnal schedules

Finally getting it together with the fam, schedule-wise. After the Friday fiasco, where I was an hour late getting to work because I'd forgotten DJ's bookbag and lunchbox, the old man and I discussed alternatives to the present routine, which is me driving to DJ's school then shooting to campus and scrambling from the commuter lot to make it to work by 8am. It's just wasn't going to work. On the days where I'm the opener at the ref desk I'm now biking to campus, and on the days when I just have class I'm doing the drive-in with DJ. Doesn't give the old man as much cycling time as he would probably like but at least I now get some in, myself.

Okay, this is how we're doing it:

I ride the old Schwinn to campus, dart into the library by 8 am. Meanwhile, the old man and DJ are trucking to the elementary school and then to the commuter lot. After my shift is over, and before I have to pick up DJ, I take the bike over to where the old man works (we both work on campus) and then walk to the commuter lot, get the car, and pick up DJ after school. Then the old man rides the Schwinn home after work. We just have to remember our bicycle helmets but that should be okay.
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