Friday, August 31, 2007


No, it's not a site for bicycles but it could have a free bicycle waiting for you. Free Cycle was created to give people a place to reduce their stuff by giving it away to others locally. I went to the main site found the Gainesville Yahoo group and just put in a query about a cat condo for a friend's kitty. Other people ask for stuff -- one poor person this morning has been beset by flies in his home and is looking for a couple of flyswatters to offset the problem.

I've got a ton of DJ's old, outgrown clothes and shoes and think I will offer those first. Of course, it's like my enthusiasm with groups like BookMooch and BookCrossing -- great ideas that I highly support in principle but have a hard time participating in (like, I still haven't actually left the books I've logged onto Book Crossing!).
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