Sunday, January 28, 2007

Slingshot 2007 Organizer

Go out, quickly, to the independent bookseller/rekid shop/meeting hall in your neighborhood and get the new Slingshot organizer. I waited and got stuck with the small, saddle bound version -- not a bad thing in itself, but the larger, spiral-bound version allows for laying flat your life and spreading out.
I use it primarily as a little diary, to record milestones ("DJ burped loud and long today") or to make sure I'm on board with class assignments. Besides being pleasingly original to the eye, it also has little factoids to help you. For instance, Sunday, January 28th has 3 entries:
1945 the Naples Congress, first congress of the united trade union movement in liberated Italy
1961 Committee for Nonviolent Action demonstrates against nuclear-armed ships, Connecticut
1998 France: 200 members of the Farmers Confederation destroyed a warehouse of GE corn
Yay! Just like me and the Old Man tell DJ every day the 3 things to live a good life:
1. Stick it to the Man
2. Smash the syndicate
3. Bring down Mr. Big
I can't tell if I got Many Bricks, Many Windows red, Red Emma red, or Blood on Our Hands red. It's red and I promptly covered it with packing tape to keep it from shredding in the bowels of my slingpack. It's too awesome! Here's the website of the organization what produces this lovely addition to my backpack.
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