Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

To all my friends and family and some friends that haven't been made yet, I wish everyone all the best for 2007. We just got back from a trip to Fort Wayne, Indiana, home of the ubiquitous bread wheel (long may it churn out a never-ending cascade of bread slices). The thing that I learned on my trip was to love all your friends with your heart and soul for as long as you can, because the time comes to say goodbye way too soon.

Here are some of my unofficial New Year's resolutions:
  • Keep family and friends closer to my heart
  • Continue buying books from my local bookseller over the quasi-instant satisfaction of buying from the conglorporations or
  • Not be so mean in my entries about Ideal Bite
  • Use less water and less energy
  • Lose weight and get back in shape
2007 is totally going to rock.
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