Sunday, January 28, 2007

Dish Guy

So close! The Old Man and I came so close to getting a portable dishwasher for our walk-in closet-sized kitchen. It was small, energy efficient, and water efficient. And, guess what? THEY DON'T MAKE IT ANYMORE! We attempted to buy it from Beast Buy and was initially able to get the order through online and then got an email a few days later regretting that they had to dash our hopes. Big-box bastards.
I'm stuck with my thread-bare joke "Do I have a dishwasher? I married him!" and the Old Man, well, he's stuck with some dirty dishes. He refers to being the only person in the household to do the dishes as "the dish guy." It stems from having all those lazy roommates (or being one yourself) who refuse to do the dishes, and the one person who finally gets fed up enough to dump the dishes in the bathtub (and I had a roommate who actually did that) gets promptly dubbed "dish guy" and is forever relegated to the ignominious household chore for the rest of the time they are in that particular living situation.
Anyway, I got this Ideal Bite tip the other day and by golly, it is actually something that I could use and did not turn lip up in sneer mode. And, quite confidentially, it has been a burning question for a long time -- how do you do dishes the old fashioned way? I mean, this sounds really dumb, but I have never washed dishes in a washtub or in a water-filled sink. I'm sure I waste gallons upon gallons of water doing a sinkful (canceling out any benefit from not bathing every day, I'm sure). But dang it, if those gals at Ideal Bite didn't give me the 4-1-1 on how do them like grandma. Here's the link to that tip.
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