Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Dome home!

I live in a wacky place in North Central Florida which has a diverse community and a long and rich history of freaky-deaks. If the 1970's contributed nothing to our overall enjoyment of life in the new millenium (other than a seemingly endless retro parade of its fashions [please end already, it's been 15 years]), it has given us the dome home. I drive by one on the days I'm driving DJ to or from his preschool. I find it fascinating and hope to do a short video or photo entry about it very soon.

In the meantime, this was an ebay listing called "Unique Triple Dome Home" that ended in July 2006, just about the time I was starting AE.

I contacted the seller and asked for the photos. We'll see if he or she returns my email or thinks I'm just a wacko, which is probably a wise assumption.

I've been fascinated with dome homes for a long time. There is the Monolthic Dome Institute in Italy, Texas (the last bastion of hippiedome if you ask me) where they can make your dome home aspirations a reality. Their forums have things other than dome homes that Texans and Floridians would find interesting, such as The 'things crashing into stick houses' thread which I encourage you to view at your leisure.

Here is the original AE posting on alternative housing. I will be getting back to this subject very soon!

I just emailed Monolithic Dome Institute to let them know I blogged about them -- I think that's the first time I've ever done that. Oh, yeah, I also hit them up for one of their Monolithic Dome 2007 calendars. I don't think that's payola, is it? Nah!
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