Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

I go through this every year - I make resolutions to do better, be better, and mostly for the environment. This year, however, I'm making more resolutions to get our home and finances in order. This year I resolve to:

Get our house cleaned out of junk, especially in the workshop so we can turn it into a game room for DJ. Haven't decided whether to have an actual garage sale or lawn happening (where we give everything away).

Get our finances in order - now that we are a two income household again, I want to start saving up for a second house and/or a second car (yes, a second car!). The second house will eventually be for DJ and his eventual family.

Lose weight and start running again. I've already lost a bunch of weight, now I need to lose more and get into a running shape so I can join in the Princess Half-Marathon in 2014.

Okay, those are my non-environmental resolutions. For the environment:

I resolve to ride my bike more.

I resolve to participate in at least one, week-long accidentally environmental project (I think it will have something to do with beer).

And that's pretty much it. Eminently achievable, just have to plan and get serious.

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