Thursday, December 13, 2012

Another Impotent Survey Rant to Maidenform

I like that Maidenform has been a long-time US company, but they need to start producing their undergarments back in the states.  I buy American-Made whenever possible (union-made definitely) but there are few options with decent undergarments.  I would even pay more for these same undergarments if they were produced state-side.  Please consider it.

I need to write them a really real letter and stop dickering around with these stupid surveys - I don't, as a principled rule, fill out surveys unless there is a free t-shirt or other perk for giving them all kinds of analytics on my purchasing sensibilities. The only reason I filled out this survey for Maidenform was to have the opportunity to tell them, once again, to start making their dainties back in the US of A.

And, just so this morning/afternoon is not a complete loss, here is one of my favorite songs in the whole world - favorite because it is one of the few songs I know all the words to.

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