Friday, December 14, 2012 Petition

I know, I should be working, but obsessing about Maidenform making their products in the USA again has got me all het-up.  I just filled out a petition about Maidenform on Moveon's sister site,

Make Maidenform an American-made product again

Who doesn't want to buy locally?  Well, what about American, Union-made undergarments?  It is becoming a rarity to see the ILGWU label on any clothing you buy in the store, and that has to change.  Support the Made-in-America movement by pushing for Maidenform to produce their goods back state-side, in union-run factories.  Maidenform is one of the oldest undergarment makers still based in the US, but their products are produced overseas.  This has to change!

Question 2 asked who I direct this to, but I didn't know; the CEO of Maidenform, I guess.

Here's what I wrote for the petition text:

The citizens listed below no longer want to buy garments not produced by union labor in the United States of America.  We are willing to pay for good quality products that help support America's families and communities.  Maidenform, a 90-year old American company, should be producing their undergarments in union-run factories, and not overseas.

Oh, wait.  You can read it yourself by going to the link for the petition.  Thanks in advance for signing it!
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