Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ziploc, Recyclebank, and using glassware for storage

So I've been obsessed with getting points on Recyclebank - you take a quiz or watch a video and then take a quiz, or make a pledge to be more green, or buy something from one of their sponsors and Recyclebank gives you points that you can collect for a reward of some kind.  The thing I am so totally gunning for is a year's subscription to Entertainment Weekly, which is 250 points.  I am almost halfway there!!!!  I don't buy stuff and I won't sign up for accounts, but I will take their quizzes and watch sponsored videos - like, last night I watched a video for some eco recycled motor oil product and then watched one for Kashi and took a simple quiz after each.  So, as long as I can skate by without having to actually buy anything I will soon be sitting pretty with a new Entertainment Weekly subscription, yay!

But, anyway, so one of things on Recyclebank is that you can get points by posting codes from special boxes of Ziploc bags, I think from all the smaller sandwich bags which we hardly ever buy.  But I was thinking, with  the fact that Ziploc, along with Glad and (of course) Pyrex are making glass food containers now, why isn't Ziploc asking people for codes to those things?  I would totally jump all over that because I am starting to make the transition to glass containers.

Going from plastic to glass has been really, really slow - I purchased the above container from Ziploc while on vacation and then got some small Pyrex containers after I got back.  Plus, if you've ever seen the inside of our fridge, we basically pile up everything willy-nilly where ever it will fit, so sometimes we have food-a-lanches where containers launch themselves onto the floor from being stacked precariously on top of some cheese or a bag of carrots.  So, I am going into this whole plastic-to-glass thing with a bit of trepidation because the nice thing about plastic is that it won't shatter or break a toe.  Wait, I take that back - I did have a plastic container shatter when it fell out of the freezer but that was from a height and the plastic was brittle from being frozen.

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