Friday, July 27, 2012

Cup still leakproof!

I posted awhile ago about my Starbucks cup that is a bicyclist's dream, as in you can throw it in your pannier upside-down and it will not leak! Well, in the last couple of months the stopper in the lid was hanging by a scrap and, finally, ripped off (thought I was about to eat a bug in my last gulp of coffee), and I was afraid I would have to search on eBay for another cup - I don't think they still make this model. I hate the idea of getting rid of this cup, mostly because I haven't figured out if I can recycle it - could probably scrap it, I guess. Anyway, wanted to report that, thanks to Starbucks' designers' brilliance, the cup continues to be leakproof! Feeling very lucky and hoping that this thing lasts a few more years while I figure out what to do with it post-intended use.
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