Thursday, July 26, 2012

Entertainment Weekly subscription on its way, thanks to Recyclebank

Damn you, stupid coupon
Thank you, Recyclebank, for not jerking me around too much with your watch a video-take a quiz-get points scheme to get people to live more environmentally (although how buying anything helps you become more environmental is kind of beyond me).  There was the time, though, when I accidentally spent 25 precious, precious points on a 2-dollar coupon for eco razors that I didn't want and, as it turns out, didn't get because a.) Stores in my area don't sell them, and b.) the coupon never printed out because I didn't download the stupid coupon software properly and the dang thing got lost in the ether.  Did I complain to you?  Almost!  But then I found a couple of fabulous videos for products I never intend to buy because one especially is from GE and the other is, well, mayonnaise.  Anyway, that put me at exactly 250 points and then I immediately ordered my 1 yr subscription to Entertainment Weekly.  Yay!
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