Thursday, February 10, 2011

Oh yeah, about the Accidental Experiment...

Haha, remember when I said I was going to take the bus to my doctor's this morning?  Well, I canceled my appointment because I'm in a crunch, work-wise - my thesis director wanted a draft two days ago and I thought it was due next week...hahahahah!  So funny.  But now I have to crack down and not do fun things like blog - I'll do fun things like read about utopianism in late 19th century American Literature!  Yeah!

Anyway, I wanted to update that I did not take the bus to my doctor's appt. because of work, but also because it is pretty nasty outside - the old man was saying this morning we really shouldn't complain about rain when our friends to the north are getting pummeled with snow and ice.

I did, however, take the bus to get to campus for my seminar on Tuesday; I couldn't for the life of me find my keys, so couldn't double-lock the house and couldn't unlock my bike.  What is usually an hour and a half ride home from campus after 7pm, was only about an hour before 6pm.  Sorry, I don't have pictures but will get some soon.  I enjoy riding the bus, but it takes too dang long because you have to take these cockamamie routes to get anywhere.  At least my prof gave me a ride home so that was nice.

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