Monday, February 07, 2011

Accidental Experiment: Gainesville's Public Transit System

Decided I would make a trip to the doctor's an experiment in using my city's public transportation system.  I've reported on using public transpo when I was still working at Library West (you can find the post here), and I'm very sour on the state of our city's bus system - the buses are scheduled a lot slower in the parts of town where there aren't an insane numbers of students crammed into tinder-box apartment complexes, and the routes are not that convenient.  In other words, they need at least double the number of buses and routes to make it a truly efficient public transportation system. But, this is Gainesville where SUV's are still de rigueur.

Anyway, this takes place on Thursday and will update.  My prediction: It will take me an hour and a half each way, from my home to the office and back.  Better remember my book.

Got the funky bus picture from Hemmings blog
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