Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Newsweek: Divided We Eat: What food says about class in America

The Old Man (I really should just use that ubiquitous "DH" but I'm in a rut, whatever) told me about this article he stumbled across, in his capacity as science news writer for a university in the southern United States, and thought I'd share.  It's called What Food Says About Class in America (it's also called "Divided We Eat," so I'm not sure which goes before which); to be honest, I haven't read the whole thing but OM/DH says that it's interesting because the topic of foodyism/locavore-ism in the context of class hasn't really been discussed in the media.  The comments, apparently, excoriate one of the people interviewed for the article - so, come for the depressing article about class war on the food front, stay for the flame war?  Fun!

It's interesting to me because I've had a couple of students in two different classes discuss proposals for stemming childhood obesity, and they've both observed that socioeconomic status has a lot to do with the problem.  I should also post sometime on FLOTUS Michelle Obama's Let's Move campaign.  Oh, wait, I guess I just did.

I'll have to read the article and update - that's the problem with grad school; it really cuts into my writing time because everything I write is not for this blog!
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