Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Ridealong (now a trail-a-bike)

I'm coming around to the idea of calling them trail-a-bikes. Anyway, I've come to the conclusion that it's time to upgrade our trail-a-bike, since the Instep one we have wobbles so bad. I mean, it wobbles so bad that, in previous posts about this, I've remarked on this fact and my efforts to counter this with training wheels and my annoying interactions with bike mechanics because of said training wheels. All that's water under the bridge, I say! Got a recommendation from my old REL4936 professor (who, happily, will be my new religion professor this fall) who enthused about the Burley Piccolo. It is apparently quite popular with the eco-moms in town and, since I aspire to one day be one of those, I went to Bike Route to procure one. It was pricey but the Bike Route guy said he would deliver it and install it. Getting it installed at my house is way better than schlepping the Gary Fisher to their shop (which, if you are familiar with the comings and goings of bicycle shops in Hogtown, moved from their campus location out to Harmony Gardens on 441).
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