Thursday, April 10, 2008

Blog Roundup 04.10.08

Going to start doing some quick-and-dirty summations of what's going on with the blogs I like to read. Some of them are not environmental in nature, so bear with me. I think it'll be fun!

Glom Shelter -- Tracy got some cool Mongolian boots (used, natch) and continues her excavation of locavore cuisine in Hastings, NE.

What We Need is Here -- Kelly ponders the implications of home-baked bread in a post-Atkins world.

Blog Hero! -- Carl, that intrepid surveyor of all things Disney, updates readers on the Mad Teacup assault at the Magic Kingdom.

Jesus' General -- The good General serves up a plate a hot, steaming whoop-ass on Wolfofascists and "the forces of enviroslamunistofascism" trying to take away our right to incandescent lightbulbs.

That's it for now!
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