Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Rattlesnake Crick

Finally went with DJ to visit Rattlesnake Creek to hunt for shark's teeth. Our guides for this trip were our sparky friends and following "B's" instructions brought baggie, colander, spoon, and extra clothes for DJ (and boy was he sandy afterwards). It was a neat trip, and while we were tromping through ankle-deep waters along the creek bed looking for fossils I tried to make a conscious effort to look around me and note the area I was in. I'm trying to be more biospherically aware of my surroundings, after reading Mitchell Thomashow's Bringing the Biosphere Home. Well, we saw damsel flies, got bit by multiple mosquitos, and found a fossilized beer can pull tab. No, actually we did find a lot of shark's teeth and other fossils thanks to B's oldest son. I found a fistful of sand in my eye from B's youngest son so spent a bunch of time wiping my left eye. I finally started rinsing it with the creek water and that seemed to help.

I swiped these photos of another visit to Rattlesnake Creek from Hogtown Sparky.
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