Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Cyclists Unite!

Here is a letter from our local student newspaper by a fellow who has thrown down the gauntlet and is challenging the Gainesville cycling community to take action against the metal juggernauts barrelling through our hamlet each day. Here's a quote from the letter:

The answer to this dilemma: There is strength in numbers. It's daunting to point your handlebars into a stream of traffic and swim among the big fish when you are alone. But imagine if everyone perched on the saddle of a two-legged horse ventured into the streets. Why, it would be a revolution! It would be the cars that would have to adapt. After all, they can't hit everyone.

"After all, they can't hit everyone." Dang! In your face! I was so impressed I went to Facebook and added him as a friend (no small feat for me as I only have 5 friends on facebook, including the two politicians I support). I hope we can be friends so I can help him plot his 2-wheeled revolution.
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