Friday, October 12, 2007


I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Blog Hero!, the other day and the author, Carl Schaad, told this humorous story about how he couldn't find his car the other day because it had been buried in acorns -- here's the link. Anyway, the thing that I found intriguing about the post (other than the fact that he mentioned "The A-Team"-- no one talks about The A-Team anymore...sigh) was the comments section. People around the country and the world were giving their reports on the signs of a long ol' winter -- one guy in Costa Rica said that the migratory birds were returning to his part of the world early as an indication of a cold winter up north. The last comment was a woman who wondered, "Hey, if it's a REALLY cold winter, what does that do to the whole global warming issue?" I read into that statement a kind of hopefulness that maybe the whole global warming thing was just bunk, anyway.
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