Saturday, October 15, 2011

Kickin' it with the Krishnas at the Kickstand This Wednesday

You can follow The Kickstand updates here or follow the group on BookFace - I've been doing the updates for TKS for about a month, now, and I'm still feeling my way around the WordPress interface (it's not as lazy as Blogger).

This was the week Occupy Gainesville got rolling but from our vantage point on the edge of the plaza all we could see were people making signs on the bandstand and playing with frisbees and hula hoops.  If you've never come down to the Union Street Farmers Market on a Wednesday, it is quite an experience and I'm there with The Kickstand, so there's that.

The Krishnas were in full voice and fine form; last week I my head was so full of "Hare Hare" that I had to cleanse my mental palate with this George Harrison video:

The fact that they are right next to our booth is both fun and annoying at the same time, but I do like the smell of incense in that closet-churchy kind of way.

Alex and Chandler are the two main mechanics who help folks learn how to fix their bikes; at least that's the plan, but sometimes they just leave the bikes and go off somewhere for a little while. Either way, the bikes get fixed and people have greater control over the transportation options in town. Alex is great about teaching bike mechanics, though, so I've been learning a lot about fixing flats and especially about fixing brake cables because that seems to be a problem with a lot of bikes (mine included!).  The thing that's most admirable about these two (besides the fact that they schlep out to the farmers market every week) is that they're like the McGuivers of the bicycle repair world; they can fix just about anything from disparate bits of debris lying around.  Twice since I've been volunteering there we've managed to not get our tools and bike parts at the farmers market, and these guys have both times done so much with just a few tools - needle nose plyers are key, I've found.

So, anyway, that's my rant about The Kickstand and how much I love volunteering with these people!
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