Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year! My Blog Resolutions

Happy New Year's, everyone.  It's 3am.  I know I should be asleep, but I am having so much fun right now.  I'm by myself, my husband went to sleep over an hour ago, but I'm really enjoying feeling the buzz of about 3 rum and cokes and eating some brie and crackers while browsing the web.

Anyway, I was supposed to do endless posts about new years resolutions and ended up doing only one that was very vague.  More succinctly, I want to keep writing this blog.  That's my first resolution for 2011 and beyond.  I enjoy writing my silly posts and chatting with people about these issues in the comments or in other venues.  Talking about environmentalism in its many forms is balm for my soul and I realized the other day that I will keep doing it since it's so dang enjoyable and satisfying.  I may be momentarily way-laid by family and/or school and work, but I have always come back to writing this thing and have never once thought about hanging it up.  So, first resolution - keep writing The Accidental Environmentalist.

In addition to just continuing to write this blog, I also want to finally migrate The AE over to my web real estate.  This requires finally setting up the MacMini server to host it.  I got one of those For Dummies books about it, so will have to start working on it in bits and pieces.  Things will chill out considerably after I graduate.  Graduate school has been so rewarding but also so taxing; I decided the other day while talking to a colleague that I wanted to keep my hand in academic research but not as a professor.  That was a very constructive decision, in my opinion.

Next resolution is to get some kind of digital recorder and start podcasting for goodness sake.  I thought the iTouch I got a couple of years ago would be the ticket, but it's been a pain to figure out how to make it record without making me sound like I'm drowning in grape jelly.  So, digital recorder that can download to Garage Band so I can begin mixing short podcasts with video extras.

Eh.  Tired now and am really ready for sleep.  I don't have to have all my resolutions before New Years, as evidenced by my lack of said resolutions before midnight, so I'll continue to come up with more over the following weekend.  Then, off to my final semester of grad school.

Thanks to all who read the AE and comment and allow me to be part of your blogrolls. That is very meaningful and resonant and I feel extremely grateful to have this opportunity. 

Got the picture of Guy Lombardo from The Pecan Park Eagle blog.
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