Sunday, January 16, 2011

Accidentally Environmental Thing: Makeup brushes

Washed powder brush using one hair band and two Silly Bandz to dry
Went to Dullards (Dillards) for some new foundation makeup, and in talking to the stylist about application methods, she suggested a makeup brush instead of the foam wedges I'd been using.  Makeup brushes, as it turns out, are environmentally sustainable because they can be cleaned and reused.

Sometimes I post these things and think to myself, "do people reading this think I'm a complete dip for not already knowing this?"  In my own defense, I wear makeup maybe once or twice a year so I am not hip to application tools or tips.  This is why I go to department store makeup counters when I need to refresh my supply; it may cost more, but I have a live human being advising me in how to apply makeup so I don't end up looking like Betty Boop.

Anyway, I was intrigued by the fact that I could reuse makeup brushes - again, I know this sounds completely facile because I have lived on this earth for a long time and did not know this - so I went out and got a foundation brush and went home and washed my powder brush with a little castile soap.

So, consider this post the first chapter of a new feature, Accidentally Environmental Thing - and please email me at with any AETs of your own!
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