Sunday, September 19, 2010

Kombucha! (and also kind of about ginger beer)

I had been talking to DD (my abbreviated secret name for Dave, friend, landscaper, bike mechanic, patriot) over the summer about kombucha - he's a kombucha aficionado - like, they have a magazine called Kombucha Konnoisseur, and he's regularly the cover guy - that's how into kombucha he is.  Anyways, so we were talking about the prospect of culturing kombucha, since I am all into wild fermented beverages these days, and thought I might like to try brewing kombucha, but wasn't sure how to procure the starter fungus.  So Dave shows up the other day, to help the old man with the yard, with a kombucha culture and, later on, instructions and an old glass pickle jar.  Right now I am soaking the jar and boiling some water to make the tea, admiring the instructions for their artistic beauty - like, if The Enchanted Broccoli Forest had been illustrated by a dude.

So, I'm going to make some kombucha, now - it doesn't seem like it will be as labor intensive as the ginger beer and I'll see if I can get the old man or DJ to take some photos of production process. 

Oh yeah, I was going to say that I had some more of the ginger beer last night, and it was a lot fizzier - there was the characteristic "pop" when I took of the canning jar lid.  It's a light fizz, nothing fancy, still very refreshing!
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