Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ginger Beer: The Tasting

I can't believe it's taken me until Tuesday to try the ginger beer.  I completely forgot to try it on Sunday, when it was at the two-week mark, and remembered to put a couple of bottles in the fridge last night before bed.

I couldn't wait any longer so I popped one of the mason jars open and put some in a fruit jar (The only clear glasses I have).  I figured I could drive myself to the urgent care if I got really sick.

Promise that I'll put up a picture as soon as I can of the first glass. It is fizzier than I expected.

Taste:  It is like no ginger beer I have every tasted, and not in a completely good way.  It is insanely intense ginger-wise, which I do like; however, it has absolutely no sweetness to it at all.  As I've said earlier, I like an intense ginger beer that is not too sweet; this is not sweet at all and way, way gingery.  I actually had to put some sugar in it.

Reaction:  I am feeling a little light-headed and I'm beginning to suspect that the ginger beer is slightly alcoholic.

Will update later after the old man gives it a try.

UPDATE:  The old man and I finally got a chance to have a ginger-beer tasting after DJ had gone to bed.  He thought it was really intense but very good and suggested I make another batch and take notes to make sure I can start being consistent with the recipe.   His remark about the taste was, "it is definitely a sipping ginger-beer."  The old man, however, did not think that it was alcoholic.
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