Monday, July 19, 2010

Jonesing for my JanSport

Here's a picture of my bag, right before sending it back to where ever hippies come from (Washington state, I think), and -- oh, yeah, who the hell put those people in my shot?!  That's right, I was at a celebratory dinner recently at The Warehouse (see this post for my original impressions) for the person on the right, and decided to take a picture of my bag and those three people thought I was taking a picture of them.  Haha, they do not realize how obsessed I am with this stupid bag.  I MISS IT SO MUCH WAHHH!

UPDATE:  Haha, I am such a crybaby!  The same day I posted this I also FORGOT to check the mail, and when I checked it the next day, the bag was tucked in awaiting my return!  It is so wonderful to have the back bag from the kind hippies at JanSport -- once again they have come through, not only replacing the zipper I had a problem with, but also the main compartment zipper, as well as putting on new pulls.  All for the price of priority postage.  You gotta love this company.
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