Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ginger Bug, Day 4

Okay, after the first two days, the mess I have out in the workshop was bubbling like crazy but I still didn't have the bottles ready, so I fed it with two more teaspoons each of sugar and ginger.  Now, nothing.  I'm wondering if shaking it was the problem, or possibly using the grated ginger from the fridge; the ginger was straight from the cold, and I'm wondering if that retarded or killed the flora.  So, I'm going to feed it again -- I should add that when I say "nothing" I mean that although there are slight bubbles around the edges, it wasn't as vigorous as the first time I checked and before I fed it.  This time I'm going to let the ginger get to the temperature of the workshop, leaving it in a covered bowl for a few hours next to the ginger bug.  And I'll try to restrain myself from shaking it.
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