Thursday, May 06, 2010

Super Duper Summer Update: Underwears!

So, the first thing I did when I was finally done with the spring semester was make some underwears.  The first one, I don't know about -- I got this Cato Institute shirt at the Junior League awhile back, and I thought "ho ho, this will be so funny to have a Cato Institute pair of special edition undies."  See, it's got a dog (it's a greyhound because conservatives like to bet on the races, I think) and the caption around it says, "Running Dogs of Capitalism."  Wow, it's an ironic statement, so I thought by turning the shirt into underwear I would switch the irony and build on it a bit. 
And you'll notice the front part has the CATO institute logo on it that, to further the irony, was on the back side of the shirt.  It's all topsy-turvy this message for my underwear, and that's why I'm not so sure I'm bringing the right bit of irony in making this pair out of a CATO Institute t-shirt.  Because, you see, with the leftover shirt material, I made this cool Felix the Cat stencil for the butt part of the second pair -- I'm getting better at stenciling (and, so you don't have to hunt through other posts, I got the stencil from Kitty Buttons).  But see, here is the crux of my dilemma:  If I put the CATO Institute drivel on my butt and front-butt as an ironic statement to kinda sorta make fun of these bozos, then what is it saying to my beloved Felix?  I am in a quandary, but I will have to put off thinking about this for a bit -- the important thing is that I now have underwear and things were becoming quite dire in my collection, so I am not gonna complain about no CATO Institute thing on my butt.

Last note, I made the stencil from freezer paper, and lightly ironed it onto the material before stenciling with fabric paint.
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